About the Author

Growing up, Livvy Zoe would say that she wanted to teach, but secretly she always knew she was a writer. Since the age of eight, Ms. Zoe would write stories for her sister. Her first stories were about the ‘Heart’ people, which turned into a series and had illustrations too!

Today, you can find Ms. Zoe hanging out behind her computer deep in thought with her writing companions—a big bag of sour patch kids and a jar of gum. She is also a self-professed fan of lists and an eraser addict. (Yes, you read it right—she collects erasers!)

Ms. Zoe is also a SciFi fan. Her favorite character is who else, but Dr. Who—particularly 13th Doctor. A true Sci-Fi nerd, Livvy also enjoys cosplay with her family.

Ms. Zoe’s stories involve larger-than-life women overcoming extraordinary circumstances.

Her debut novel, Mixed Business, has readers smoldering. Mixed Business is a fast-paced thriller that mixes romance with business.