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For Your Viewing Pleasure

Writing is about images. Creating, sculpting, and tying words together to create images and pictures in your head to take you on a journey. The trick is to make the writing seamless so that the words disappear, and you forget that you’re reading. To meld the letters together to create a rhythm of sounds and […]

Writer’s Block 2.0

Worst Case of Writer’s Block!! Okay, fam, this is it! I’m in the midst of my worst case of writer’s block! At the beginning of this quarantine, I was excited! I was motivated! 2 weeks of writing, writing, and more writing! No tv watching. No social media. No phone calls. And, everything would be on […]

Herspiration Happy Hour – May 13: Drama in Romance podcast

Hi, all I had the opportunity to sit down with the lovely and talented ladies of the Herspiration podcast. Please check out these inspirational women–they are doing BIG things! During our happy hour, we sipped on drinks and discussed drama, romance, creative writing styles, inspirations for writing, and non-fiction vs fiction. I had a lot […]

Loving on Literary Leaders: March ed.

Loving on Literary Leaders:  Women Mystery Writers The month of March honors women’s impact in history. This month will focus on women writers/authors and their impact on history. Or, at least, their impact on me because, hey, I’m a part of history, right? This week, I focus on mystery writers. Let’s start with that I […]