Writer’s Block 2.0

Worst Case of Writer’s Block!!

Okay, fam, this is it!

I’m in the midst of my worst case of writer’s block!

At the beginning of this quarantine, I was excited! I was motivated! 2 weeks of writing, writing, and more writing!

No tv watching. No social media. No phone calls. And, everything would be on pause. And, what a better time to do it?

I would be disciplined and write every day.

That’s right—I said, every day!

I, too, am ambitious! Call me ‘She-Writer: Tamer of the Unwritten.’

Well, maybe, not that … it’s a tad too long. Maybe something like ‘Writer’ or ‘Author.’ I’ll even accept ‘Story-Teller.’

But I digress …

On the first day of non-write day, I was still so naïve. It was only ONE day. I could get past one day of not writing.

And then the next day brought bored kids. I’ve never been able to pass on living room forts and secret hiding spots.

Then, it was my day to cook. I hate cooking so it becomes an all day ordeal of me sweating over what I’m going to make, which person likes what, whose turn it is to put dishes away, whose turn it is to do the dishes, and why I shouldn’t have to do dishes if I’m cooking…anyway, like I said, it is an all-day ordeal.

So, I’m not allowed to cook anymore. And, that’s an achievement … I think.

Day 4: I slipped and got on social media.

(Well, actually, that was Day 4 – 7)

Anyway, there was no way I could write when Twitter had so much information to impart and so many ideas. With new incentive, I had projects to finish, videos to record, and … but instead, I slept.

Oh, and caught up on several tv series that I had been meaning to watch. If you don’t mind, I’m going to chalk that one up to actually achieving something during this time.

By day 14, still no writing, but I can tell you that I don’t think my kids’ teachers are feeling me anymore. One of them actually asked me not to attend the Zoom classrooms any longer. I thought I was helping her out, and I figured it was my time to learn that ‘new math’ everyone was going on about.

And, then, I slept for about another week. All that learning tuckered me out.

Day 27, and I finally sat down in front of the computer. All of my characters were not happy and quite pissed that I hadn’t so much as thought of them. With all that yammering in my head, I couldn’t pick which one to write about. So, I chose none.

So, here I am at Day 60, without so much as a new scene written, no character development, and a storyline pressing to be documented on paper.

Am I riddled with guilt? Oh my goodness, YES!! I want to be writing. The ideas are with me all day, every day—in my dreams, in the shower, when I’m eating, when I’m exercising, and so on.

And, does this motivate me to get to it?

Hark, I hear the garage needs a-cleaning!